The Gendai Difference

We are not your typical martial arts school. Just because someone advertises or claims they teach self-defense, does not mean it will work or is effective!

We are specialists in Lifelike Self-Defense Training™

So, what do we mean by this? If you are seriously interested in learning to defend yourself, then our system/art is for you. Everyone claims to teach self-defense. Few spend more than 20% of their time teaching self-defense. We spend 100% of our time preparing you for the REAL VIOLENCE that exists in the world we live in, not for earning belts.

Although statistics are actually in your favor that you are many times more likely to be hit by a drunk driver than assaulted, most do not want to be a victim of even the most remote, random violence!

So A stranger approaches you intent on VIOLENCE. Are you ready?

Do you know what the law says about the use of force in self-defense?

Maybe you have taken martial arts before and maybe you haven’t, either way you will not be sorry if you try our classes! We guarantee it!

Or, maybe you have taken classes before and have come away disillusioned. Will your martial arts training land you in jail or get you sued?

Every person, including the criminal minded attacker, possesses specific anatomical weak points regardless of size, strength or physical skill. We will teach you to quickly and effectively acquire and target these vulnerable points so that you can stop any threat.

If you join our classes, you can be assured to improve your mind, your body, your stress level, your health, your stamina, and your ability to defend yourself against realistic threats.

We have the most comprehensive curriculum for addressing the dynamics of real world adversarial encounters! The perfect blend of physical, legal and mental.






Benefits include:

  • less intimidated by other people or situations
  • increased self-esteem and assertiveness
  • greater confidence
  • improved leadership skills
  • improved ability to communicate clearly and directly
  • increased problem solving skills
  • increased focus and effectiveness at work
  • ability to remain calm and use clearheaded thinking during stress or crisis

Read further and see why we are so different!

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