Gendai Goshin Jitsu (Modern Self-Defense Art)
Gendai Goshin Jitsu is a self-defense art focused primarily on teaching realistic self-defense skills to people of all ages. Children are able to develop both the physical and mental skills to cope with their life challenges including bullies and worse – predators such as child abductors. For women, the concerns are more obvious and they are welcome to participate in the open adult class or attend a women only class. All our students will learn simple physiological and psychological principles of dealing with realistic, threatening situations. Every principle and technique taught is thoroughly scrutinized to insure its effectiveness under realistic and dynamic street conditions. We believe “how one trains is how one reacts.” At Gendai Martial Arts, we combine experience and science with proven concepts and techniques derived from karate, ju jitsu, judo, aikido, kempo, goshin jitsu, wrestling and weapons. And, we constantly strive to improve what we know and teach.

Gendai Taiho Jitsu (Modern Arrest Techniques Art)
Gendai Taiho Jitsu is an art dedicated to teaching arrest techniques and principles under modern law enforcement conditions. As with our self-defense system, every principle has been developed under realistic conditions to better insure their effectiveness for the safety of the law enforcement officers expected to utilize them in their line or work.

Gendai Kobu Jitsu (Modern Weapons/ Improvised Weapons Art)
Gendai Kobu Jitsu offers each student the chance to learn how to use weapons of modern times as well as improvised weapons common to our everyday life or the students work environment.

Some of the benefits from all our self-defense classes are:

  • less intimidated by other people or situations
  • increased self-esteem and assertiveness
  • greater confidence
  • improved leadership skills
  • improved ability to communicate clearly and directly
  • increased problem solving skills
  • increased focus and effectiveness at work
  • ability to remain calm and use clearheaded thinking during stress or crisis


Lunch & Learn: (scheduled by appointments) We provide a concise 1 hour introduction to the basic principles taught in our system along with a few pointers of simple Vulnerable Point Acquisition & Targeting techniques. Clinics (scheduled periodically and by appointments)

3 Hour Self-Defense Workshop: (Offered in Open Adult Format & WOMEN ONLY): This workshop is also designed to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of self-defense as taught in our regular classes but in a bit more detail. Instruction and practice time are divided between the following principles:

  • Environment Assessment
  • Impose Your Will & Stop His!
  • Vital Points Acquisition & Targeting
  • When is it safe to vacate? A Measurable Outcome!

Survive the Street Series: This series was developed to offer our most effective training in 3-4 hour blocks focused on critical street situations such as handgun attacks, knife attacks, etc.

Simple Target Acquisition Training™ (STAT) Padded Assailant Class: (scheduled periodically): This class is specifically designed to hone one’s ability to quickly assess simple, effective vulnerable point targets of opportunity and capitalize on them with the most effective tools available. (Most often offered as a 3-4 Hour Class; upon request, a short course may be offered to better hone the client’s skills) (NOTE: These classes are offered for Women ONLY and as an open group.)

Defending Against the Take Down: This class was specifically developed to prevent being taken to the ground. But, if one is taken down, there’s a safe and unsafe way to go down. (3-4 Hour Class) (This, like most classes of its kind are offered in Open Adult and WOMEN ONLY formats.)

Survivor Options: We offer a variety of training options dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic violence and/or rape. ALL matters concerning how we might help are in your control: what and how you train – anything that makes you uncomfortable, you do NOT have to do until and if you are ready; open group classes; survivor only class; women only class; private lessons; etc. Any female survivor can request being taught by a female instructor only as well. ALL survivors may chose to start with our NO contact training first. Each instructor of the survivor classes has been through specific training by Orange County Rape Crisis to better help each survivor at his/her stage in healing. Furthermore, every student enrolled in our classes can rest assured that his/her identity is protected and any information about their circumstances is held in strictest confidence. IT’S YOUR LIFE AND HERE, YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL!

Defensive Knife: As unique as it gets! This class uses each persons natural physiological strengths to teach how to use an edged weapon (knife) defensively. In one hour, anyone can successfully defend themselves against the most determined attacker.

Handgun Retention & Deployment Under Duress: For anyone who carries a handgun concealed, this class is a must! We have tested every method out there and found most have serious short comings exposing the person trying to retain and deploy his/her handgun to deadly risks. Ours safeguards each student from the various methods used to try and take your handgun away, attack you while you are trying to hold onto the weapon or take it away while you are trying to use it in your defense.

Surviving On the Ground: The last place you want to find yourself in an adversarial encounter is on the ground. But, if you do happen to end up on the ground, our one of a kind program teaches the many aspects of surviving real world encounters from the ground. No other program around is as thorough as what we offer here! From one-on-one to intimate positions to multiple attackers to ground and pound situation, we cover them all with our simple, but effective principles and techniques.

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