Video Gallery

Overview & Testimonials:
Here’s a look into Gendai Martial Arts as a school focused on self-defense training. The video includes ‘Padded Assailant’, ‘Knife Defense’, and ‘Handgun Defense’ training sequenses plus testimonials from our students.

Padded Assailant Training:
This video provides a glimpse into one of the training methods we use to coach students under adrenal stress. PLEASE understand that each student is attacked at a level for which they have been properly prepared.

Knife Defense:
As with any armed attacker, NEVER sacrifice yourself for possessions. The knife is one of the most dangerous weapons in a close quarters attack. NEVER try to defend yourself against such an attack without proper training!

Handgun Defense:
Never risk your life for property! And, never try anything as dangerous as defending yourself against a gun wielding attacker without the proper training! And, even with the best training, anything can go wrong.