Instructor & Staff Requirements


Not everyone who trains in self-defense should be instructors. Instructors not only have to complete their own personal training in the principles and skills required but must possess the interpersonal skills necessary to be a teacher and one who truly cares about the student. That being said, there are two categories of instructors at Gendai Martial Arts. Some instructors are trained at teaching our programs for the general population including civilians, law enforcement and military. Our General Instructors are Doug Cobb, Stephen Cobb, Richard Hill and Sophia Orban. Only a select few will be allowed to work specifically with survivors.

Those who possess the added personal skills and desire to become Survivor Instructors must meet the following additional requirements and training.

  • They must be devoted students with our school for a minimum of one year.
  • They must complete a thorough national and international background check.
  • They must pass a drug screen.
  • They must complete our Level 1 and Level 2 Survivor Instructor Training.
  • They must complete Survivor Sensitivity Training.

Currently, our Survivor Instructors are Doug Cobb and Sophia Orban.


For the protection and full support of all survivors who come to us for help, we want to due our best to insure your health and well being is taken into consideration by all at our company that may come into contact with you. That being said, we require everyone who currently works at Gendai Martial Arts or may be hired in the future go through a Survivor Sensitivity Training co-developed by Gendai Martial Arts and Orange County Rape Crisis Center.

It is YOUR well being that matters and we are here for you.

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