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Gendai Martial Arts is excited to announce our new location at the MWC Sports Complex -
2510 Long Mill Road, Youngsville, NC 27596

MWC Sports Complex is a complete athletic facility featuring soccer, wrestling, baseball, martial arts, and a lot more! It includes two indoor turf fields, a multi-purpose area, wrestling mats, fitness center, and outdoor fields. Visit for a look at the facilities.

Gendai Goshin Jitsu, Gendai Kobu Jitsu, Private Lessons, Open Gym, Lunch & Learn & Corporate Workshops

Some say we teach "Dirty Ju Jitsu." You are darn right we do!

We teach you to…

Gouge eyes
Pull hair
Fish hook
Attack groin
Break the fingers
Grab the trachea

Chop to the throat
Claw, pinch or twist the flesh
Kick or knee head of grounded attacker
Stomp a grounded attacker
Kick to kidney with heel
Strike downward using the elbow
Strike to spine or the back of head

Why? Because it works, is simple and ANYONE can do it!

Your personal health and safety is our concern and NOT teaching formal martial arts or sport related martial arts!!! We are not your typical school and as such are not caught up in teaching an art for its traditional or sport benefits.

We are sincerely concerned about your well being, fitness and personal safety!

You will not find another school like ours anywhere in this area. We provide 100% real-world self-defense training, focused on the ability to defend yourself under realistic conditions – not scripted classroom scenarios!

◉ Intention-Based Defense System™
◉ Scientifically Developed & Tested
◉ Dynamic, Non-Cooperative Scenario Based Training
◉ Individualized & group instruction
◉ Size & Strength Are Not a Factor
◉ Guided by natural human responses
◉ Lawful – Legal Use of Force
◉ Survivor Sensitivity Trained Staff & Instructors
◉ Programs Specifically Developed for Survivors of Rape, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and PTSD

Gendai Martial Arts is ideal for civilians, military personnel, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, security staff, and bail bondsmen.

We invite you to join us if you…

◉ are looking to learn REALISTIC self-defense that actually works
◉ want to learn the art of karate or karate principles & techniques that actually work in the streets?
◉ want to learn the art of Ju Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu) or Ju Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu) for practical application.
◉ are healing from trauma associated with surviving sexual assault, rape, domestic violence
◉ are concerned about a school’s ability to understand and truly help
◉ are looking for increased self-empowerment
◉ are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Benefits include:

increased self-esteem and assertiveness
greater confidence in one-on-one as well as group situations
improved leadership skills
improved ability to communicate clearly and directly
increased problem solving skills
increased focus and effectiveness at work
the ability to remain calm and use clear headed thinking during stress or crisis
survivor healing and empowerment

PLUS, it’s a great workout to boot!


We offer both evening and daytime classes conducted at MWC Sports Complex in Youngsville, NC.

FOR KIDS: Mon. & Wed. from 6:00-7:00pm
Our Kids Life Skills Martial Arts Program is geared for ages 5 and above who have already started Kindergarten through middle school age.

FOR ADULTS: Mon. & Wed. from 7:00pm-8:30pm; Tues. & Sat. from 11:00am-12:30pm
Our Modern Self-Defense Program is open to adults of all ages and fitness levels. Gendai Goshin Jitsu focuses primarily on teaching realistic self-defense skills.

To schedule a pre-enrollment interview, please contact Doug Cobb at 919-488-0343 or email You can find out detailed information about what to expect, costs, and program curriculum on our CLASSES PAGE.

No Katas. No Forms. Just 100% Pure Self-Defense!
Training for the REAL WORLD.

Stop being a potential victim!
Be prepared and know how to defend yourself.
Walk with confidence.

About the Founder

Soke Doug Cobb

Founder, Doug Cobb

Founder, Doug Cobb, Roku-Dan
(6th degree black belt)

Doug Cobb has been studying Martial Arts for more than 40 years and currently holds the holds the rank of Roku-Dan or sixth degree black belt.

Other fields of study and recognitions received include International Combative Arts (Mix Martial Art Combining Soft Chinese Styles w/ Small Circle Ju Jitsu & Silat), Weapons of the Philippines: Arnis/Escrima/Kali, Pikiti Tirsia Knife Fighting, Aikido & Executive Protection Defensive Tactics; 2004 Inductee into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Soke of the Year; 2006 Inductee into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Founder of the Year; 2006 Inductee into the AMAA Hall of Fame as Grandmaster of the Year; Promoted to 8th Dan by the AMAA in 2006 as the Head of Gendai Goshin Jitsu; Re-inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2008) as an alumni and Self-Defense Grand Master of the Year; Awarded a Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc, Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science by the University of Asian Martial Arts Study (2008).

He has a B.S. Degree in Chemistry from East Carolina and has also worked professionally as a Chromatographer.

Doug Cobb with Kensho Tokumurav at the IHOF

At IHOF with Kensho Tokumurav

Doug Cobb with Mya Hanshi Perry

Doug Cobb with Mya Hanshi Perry

Master Andy Reese with Soke Doug Cobbb

Master Andy Reese with Doug Cobb

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"Prior to finding Gendai I spent 3 years studying various forms of martial arts. I was not able to find any one form that prepared me to defend myself against a real world, unscripted threat. The one thing that seperates Gendai from other forms is that it is formless. They teach their students to adapt to and overcome threat using various techniques to include vulnerable point strikes, chokes, holds, submissions, grappling, and just about anything else that works derived from multiple disciplines. In the past 4 months studying self defense at Gendai I have gained more confidence in my ability to protect myself than I gained in the 3 years prior.

My prior experiences included: (1) Tae Kwon Do – This is probably good for children to learn discipline, respect, agility, flexibility and mental gymnastics (aka memorizing form). In my experience it is absolutely worthless for self defense. (2) Muay Thai – This is good for striking, but oriented toward competition rather than self defense. This has numerous shortcomings. Although you may gain comfort with a linear striking attack, most real world altercations are not that simple. This discipline does not teach you how to defend yourself against multiple other attacks, such as chokes, pushing, tackling, grabs, holds, etc. (3) Aikido – This tought me locks and throws, but lacked in striking, ground work, grappling. This was also pretty scripted. I think you may be able to defend yourself in a limited number of scenarios if you spent 10 years studying this. (4) Ninjitsu – I thought this was a nice balance of striking, holds, ground work and even weapons defense. The problem was that it was also pretty scripted and not realistic. Needless to say, my search is now over. I have found my home at Gendai."
» Rob Hunter, MD

"As we all know, the world is a dangerous and sometimes lonely place to live. With the growth of gangs locally and a general increase in violent crimes a person needs to be concerned about how to survive, in the event they are robbed or assaulted. I have a wife and 3 children to worry about.

I had decided two years ago that training in martial arts was one way to help prepare for the possibility of having to defend my family. I enrolled my 3 children in a jujitsu dojo. After a year I was disappointed that the owner of the dojo, ( a 7th degree black belt), was more interested in the income the dojo brought in than actually training his students. He gave away belts and the stripes for the belts on a monthly basis and charged more than an appropriate fee for the rank increases. He always promoted his students, even if it was not appropriate. The income this brought in for him was amazing. He actually has black belts that can not do easy, basic techniques. I had serious doubts that my children could use what they learned to defend themselves. We left the dojo and actually attended 7 other dojos to see what was available in the area of self defense. Of the seven dojos we attended only 2 were of any interest to us at all. The other five were more interested in promoting their students then in training their students to actually defend themselves. After taking a vote in the remaining two dojos, we chose your dojo and began training with you.

My three children have been taking Martial Arts lessons from you for about 13 months now. All three of my children believe that they have learned 100 times as much with you, than they did in a the previous jujitsu/ninjutsu dojo after spending approximately the same amount of time in each dojo.

The mixture of types of activities you offer, (conditioning, martial art techniques, and real life defense scenarios), are great. Your training provides both great physical conditioning and great mental awareness of how to defend yourself. My children have learned a tremendous amount of martial arts techniques and how to use those techniques to defend themselves. They are developing a confidence that they can defend themselves in almost any situation. The hands on training and martial arts knowledge that you provide are exceptional.

All three of my children are very upbeat and positive about their experience with you and they look forward to many years of training with you. The exceptional quality that I see in you is that you actually care about your students and how they grow and learn with you. After being a student of yours for a year, I talked with each of my children to see how they felt about attending your dojo for another year. They were certainly happy and very positive about the way they expect to grow in the next year of training with you. Thank you for helping my children to grow toward having a healthy and positive outlook on life."
» Mike Redding

"Gendai Martial Arts has helped me build confidence in self-defense. Having studied “Americanized” martial arts prior to entering Gendai, I can say that the other art form was not beneficial. Whereas it did teach discipline to a degree, it did not teach defense from a real attacker. Basic blocks and punches are not effective on the street. The defense at Gendai teaches me how to use my strengths as a woman to defend myself in case of an attack. It is about learning to survive an attack; not about attacking.”
» Andrea – Licensure Administrator

"The reason I began studying Gendai Martial Arts was basically to learn to defend myself on the street. Even being a former MMA competitor, I realized there is a huge difference between sport fighting and fighting to defend your life. I knew I could fare well in a ring, with rules and some safety equipment, but I had doubts that some of the techniques I was taught before would work in the street or against a weapon. I began working out at Gendai Martial Arts and am very pleased with what I’ve learned. We work on defending against armed and unarmed attackers, multiple attackers, the use of weapons for our defense and you’ll also learn the legal ramifications of fighting and what is a justified defense according to North Carolina law. If you have no previous experience, Gendai Martial Arts can teach you simple techniques to control the situation and if you are a seasoned martial artist, they can sharpen what skills you have to make you a more complete fighter. I urge you to try a few classes and see for yourself. It’s not your typical martial arts school!"
» Kenneth – Civil Engineer