About Us

Gendai Martial Arts training is conducted at a private facility located in Youngsville, NC. Please call us at 919.488.0343 or email sokecobb@gendaimartialarts.com to schedule a pre-enrollment interview.

We combine experience with proven concepts and techniques derived from karate, ju jitsu, judo, aikido, kempo, goshin jitsu, wrestling and weapons.

Gendai Goshin Jitsu is a self-defense art focused primarily on teaching realistic self-defense skills to people of all ages.

Gendai Taiho Jitsu is an art dedicated to teaching arrest techniques and principles under modern law enforcement conditions.

Gendai Kobu Jitsu offers each student the chance to learn how to use weapons of modern times.

We have programs tailored to meet a variety of age groups, skill levels and real-life scenarios.

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